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The aviation business is significant and complex. Multiple factors from government regulations and compliance to safety concerns make the transaction all the more difficult. Aircraft transaction disputes therefore are common in aviation industry, leading to possible monetary loss for the parties involved. Purchase and lease agreements, finance agreements, and partnerships are all common grounds for dispute in the aviation business.

Another factor contributing to aviation dispute is unfamiliarity with the legal framework of aircraft transactions. Purchasing an aircraft, either in full or as part ownership share or as joint venture, can be also be an extremely complex transaction, which needs legal expertise. The Firm excels at providing advice pertaining to:

• Aircraft Leasing and Financing • Aircraft Purchase Agreements • Aircraft Transaction Disputes • Liability in a Plane Accident • Joint ventures in airlines industry • Settlement of aviation disputes

1. If the aircraft displays incorrect nationality or registration marks or if it does not display any such marks or

2. If the owner or operator of the aircraft uses it in the carriage of weapons or munitions of war with the intent of smuggling or committing an offence prejudicial to the security of the State. Article 75 of UAE Civil Aviation Law.

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